Jasper County Animal Rescue League and Humane Society 

This year for 
#GivingTuesday we are asking for your help to to raise $5,000 for our Medical Fund. This allows us to provide lifesaving medical care to animals that enter our program - from treatable diseases like kennel cough and ringworm to more extreme procedures such as amputations and obstructions. We strive to save every life possible - but we can't do that without your support!

Every animal pictured received life saving medical care from our Medical Fund. Please support JCARL so we can continue to provide life saving medical care!

Thanks to YOU - This will be the home of our new PLAY YARDS!

A huge thank you to YOU for helping this wish come true! With your help we raised $5,000! Best Friends MATCHED your donation dollar for dollar. Watch for updates as our new play yards are constructed in the coming weeks.

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