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Coexisting with Wildlife

Dealing with wild houseguests?


Backyard wildlife such as raccoons, deer, opossum, and squirrels often wear out their welcome. If this sounds all to familiar follow these basic rules:

Don't Put Out the Welcome Mat
The first step to keeping animals at bay is to understand what is attracting them to your home, and get rid of the lure.This is best to do in early spring, before the breeding season begins. This can simply mean keeping your garage door shut at night, bungee cording your garbage can lids. Animals may be attracted to a particular kind of shelter in your house. Cap your chimney, seal access to attics and crawl spaces,block entry spaces under porches and sheds.Closing off these spaces before an animal arrives is essential; otherwise, you risk trapping animals or babies inside.

Be a Poor Host
There are some things you can do to encourage the animal to leave.Most wildlife does not like things that move unpredictably, such as flashes of light, or create a noise and strong smells. Try hanging a mylar balloon, or aluminium pie pans. Another option is to place a radio in the attic,or hang windchimes. Strong smells can also be used, such as moth balls, or rags soaked in ammonia.

Wild Animals That We Encounter the Most
The neighborhood opossum can often be seen at night and during the day. The biggest misconseption is that wildlife out during daylight are rabid, this is not true. Many times they become disorientated, and often may appear sick, when they are just confused.
The lil' trash bandit can use their paws just as we do our hands. Often this causes a little more thought to be used when trying to make things not so accessible. Do not leave trash can lids off, place a bungee cord on them. Do not leave pet food out in dispensable containers. Also remember that the strain of rabies that a coon carries is not the same type that can affect people.
Squirrels are cute and fun to watch, but can reak havoc due to their gnawing ability. A fully grown squirrel can get through and opening 2"x2". Attics are often their main choose of entry and can be easily avoided by placing heavy screen behind attic vents.
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We do not provide wildlife collection services but we do have contact information for the DNR and local Rehabbers. If you have a wildlife issue please call us and we will forward you to the right people