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"Two weeks ago today, I fostered one of the most amazing dogs at JCARL, Cheyenne. I am proud to say that she now has a very caring and loving new home!"  --testimony from a brand new foster parent at JCARL about his foster care experience

Foster care provides an invaluable service to the organization. Fostering animals provides a safe, loving environment until a permanent home is found. Though we do our very best to provide care, attention and exercise for animals in our care, life at the shelter can be stressful... just imagine the barking, waiting in line for the litterbox, after awhile it just gets to be a drag. Time spent in foster care gives animals more individualized attention, giving them the opportunity to learn better socialization skills and ultimately making them more well-adjusted pets with a better chance for adoption.

The length of stay can vary for fostering depending on if it is a short-term medical issue or if the animal needs to grow until it is ready to be adopted.  You may foster an animal that is pregnant and the babies will need to be approximately 8 weeks old before coming back to the league.  There are many germs that babies need to stay away from to be healthy, which is why we look to foster them.  

Time spent with these animals in a home environment gives the foster parent the opportunity to learn more about the pet's personality, helping ensure that we can match the pet with his or her perfect adoptive family. Perhaps Fido finds Miss Kitty more interesting as an appetizer than as a playmate... or maybe Mr. Whiskers never overcame his ceiling fan phobia but sincerely loves his catnip and belly rubs... these are things only time spent in a home can tell us, and will help place our pets in the perfect home.

All food, supplies, and medical attention is provided by JCARL.  You supply the love and care.



Contact us today by calling 641-792-5407 or emailing us at jcarl@iowatelecom.net to find out more about our fostering program!
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